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Since 2001, our team has developed training initiatives in the oil and gas industry, power engineering, building operations, non-destructive testing, and the construction industry.

We are a team of passionate, results-driven and dedicated people. Collectively, we draw on over 60 years of experience working in various sectors of the economy, to design and implement successful programs that are uniquely suited for new Canadians with previous transferable skills and experience.

The CCIS YYCTrades Training:

  • offers various training reflecting the needs of the labour market
  • re-tools and re-trains competent individuals according to industry needs and expectations
  • has grown ten-fold since 2001
  • receives over 1000 applications for just over 100 training seats.
  • accepts men and women applicants for these opportunities locally, some inquire online while still overseas

Our commitment and passion to our work is twofold. One, we commit to deliver to our trades and power engineering partners the best possible candidates - those who are dedicated to working hard, working safe and doing so in an environmentally aware manner. Our graduates come through our program well trained and well informed about the trades and power engineering sector, and we are passionate about this commitment to industry.

Two – we commit to give our best to our students. Preparing new Canadians to enter this career path and supporting them as they begin building their future in Canada is why we started the Trades Training Programs, and we are passionate about this commitment to our students.

CCIS's OGTP was established in 2001 and is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We offer a variety of specialized programs with one mission - to train New Canadians to be able to work in the Canadian oil fields. Through our training we help build better lives for our students. Our mission began with the Drilling training program, followed in 2005 with our Service Rig training program, and in 2008 by our Seismic training program.

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Since 2001

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Meet our team

We are a team of passionate, results-driven and dedicated people.


Bob Khan

Director of Operations

A highly collaborative and accomplished Director of Operations with 50 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Bob is a motivator who inspires superior performance and success by developing, coaching, and mentoring clients and staff. Bob is an effective communicator and negotiator with a solid record of working effectively through presentations and meetings with industry executives and stakeholders and both federal and provincial governments. Bob focuses on building consensus, which leads to achievement of his objective: to design and deliver relevant customized training solutions. He has an innate aptitude for bridging cultures, recruiting, and retaining clients and employees, and influencing new partnerships.



Monika Bhandari

Manager of Operations

Monika brings over 20 years of experience to the Business, Employment and Training division at CCIS, both as a program facilitator and program coordinator. She has been involved in the successful implementation and delivery of a wide range of training programs including but not limited to construction, the trades and oil and gas. Monika has a keen business acumen which helps her build and manage relationships with students, government, and industry. Monika works closely with the team to put together and write proposals based on market needs for funding to secure training opportunities for clients. Through her talent and professionalism, she has earned the respect of her fellow colleagues within private industry and government.


Khalid Hakim

Media Specialist || Program Manager

Khalid has a solid background in diverse fields including information technology and management. He utilizes this vast set of skills to support the CCIS YYCTradesTraining programs team from talent search of clients to networking with service providers and other agencies to accomplish the mission of helping newcomers find sustainable opportunities and employment in the industry. As a talented and creative media producer, Khalid is also responsible for advising, designing, and coordinating numerous media initiatives at CCIS, and is at the helm of the CCIS’ website.



Vina Mariano

Program Coordinator and Intake Officer

Being at the forefront of client intake and coordination, and with over 10 years of experience in administration and customer service, Vina delivers excellent administrative structure and organisation to the Team. Vina’s ability to work under pressure, and her solid program knowledge combined with her astute client assessment and cultural sensitivity, produces an indispensable measure of support to program implementation. As a detail oriented and highly organized individual, with the ability to multi-task at all aspects of the program, Vina provides a critical role and support to the team.

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